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I walked in on my girlfriend using her dildo machine

So my girlfriend and I were thinking about getting married, I’m in my mid 40s and my wife is also in her mid-forties. It was a regular day and I found myself headed home early from a long days work. I got home around 2:00pm that day, and I wasn’t expecting what I saw. I figured my girlfriend would have been happy to see me arrive early, but that was not the case.

As I stepped into the house I heard a sound, sounded like a machine, but I wasn’t sure. Then I heard a loud moan coming from the top stairs, I then got really concerned and frightened thinking the worst. I quietly tip-toed upstairs trying not to make a sound, step-by-step the sounds got louder, Her moans got louder, and so did that machine sound. I then slowly walked to the door and peeped my head inside. To my surprise I saw my girlfriend sitting back on my work chair gagg in mouth, chained and getting drilled by a dildo machine.


Despite feeling a little aroused, I didn’t know what to do. Should I walk in and visabley catch her in the act? Or should I walk off and pretend like I didn’t see anything? So many questions ran through my head at that instant moment. But then to my surprise, She looked up right in my direction and our eyes made 4. I don’t know if I was wondering what to do, but by now she had a shocked look on her face. Her mouth was still gagged, so all I can hear was the muffle from her throat. “What Are you doing”? I asked hearing The shock in my own voice. She quickly released herself un-gagging her mouth, “I can explain” Is The first thing she said. By this time I don’t think I needed an explanation, she didn’t know it, but I was horny as a 16 year old kid about to loose his verginity. “Don’t bother” I said “Just restart The Machine and let me see”. A shocked look overcame her face, “Are you forreal”? She asked ever so gently. I walked over and pressed the start button, and the dildo penetrated her Asshole without any warning. She belted a loud scream of pleasure, which aroused me even more. Her vagina was dripping wet as she patted it indicating that I should make my way over there. I immediately removed all of my clothes, and included myself. As I was about to insert my penis, she started to spray uncontrollably all over me. This was so sexy and so I immediately went in.


At this point, she was being double penetrated by the machine dildo and my stiff hard cock. I couldn’t help but think that this was a dream, and at any moment now I’m going to wake up. But it wasn’t, all this time I’ve been with this woman and I didn’t know that she was this kinky. I felt little betrayed, but also relieved at the same time – I thought to myself if she liked this all along why hasn’t she let me know? Does she not feel comfortable with me? I had a bunch of questions running through my head, but this wasn’t the time. After all, I was sliding in and out of her wet, juicy pussy, And I really wanted to just drink all of her Cummings. I pulled out and started to express that thought, licking up all of her body fluids draining from her vagina, as the dildo machine pounds her ass at a maintained speed. I stood up and shoved my cock in her mouth, ready to explode. She licked And sucked in pleasure as we moaned in sync, I couldn’t hold it any longer even though I wanted to. I was about to blow, and she could feel the pulsing coming from my erected penis. She started to suck faster and harder, I was cumming and she knew it, begging for me to release my warm cum in her mouth. “Ahhhhh”!!!! I yelled in pleasurable agony, as she kept sucking, until she felt there was nothing left.

“I’m glad I caught you”I whispered into her ears. She replied “I let you”…..

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